Zandalari trolls are a type of troll found in the Zandalar region.

Zandalari Troll Name Generator
  • Man'yuek
  • Cume
  • Der'vaen
  • Ih'ra
  • Nofawa
  • Je'mo
  • Ceka
  • Zabanji
  • Kar'cho
  • Vu'kak
  • Mor'i
  • Dylnuxash
  • By'ke
  • Par'vish
  • Di'womal
  • Yuh'u

About Zandalari Troll Name Generator

Zandalari trolls are a type of troll found in the Zandalar region. They have even more built-in resistance to corruption than other trolls, which is why they were chosen to lead and protect their people on the continent of Pandaria. In order to play as one, you’ll need an account level of 100 or higher with at least one character that has reached this level. But don’t worry if you haven’t been able to reach this yet! You can still make a zandalari troll by creating a new pandaren character and leveling them up enough until your account reaches level 100.

Zandalari trolls are the most powerful troll tribe, and they have a rich mythology that not many people know about. This name generator will help you create your own Zandalari Troll name! Zandalari trolls are from the southern jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. They were once one of the strongest tribes in Kalimdor but now their numbers have dwindled largely due to infighting and being on the losing side during The Sundering. However, after years of hiding in isolation, Zandalari trolls started reappearing around Azeroth again with an agenda for conquest and domination. Their leader is King Rastakhan who has been regaining his power steadily since he was betrayed by Garrosh Hellscream before