What’s your worgen name.

Worgen Name Generator
  • Pilar Zeph
  • Jürgen Clayton
  • Joellen Stanley
  • Verrell Yardley
  • Bell Swailes
  • Tokessa Loki
  • Ainsley Fulton
  • Garrick Sherlock
  • Susane Dante
  • Raissa Grissom
  • Stewart Allen
  • Lucretia Salvotor
  • Xavier Browning
  • Josefa Newbury
  • Josh Norman
  • Prunella Rowley

About Worgen Name Generator

What’s your worgen name? Find out with this generator! The names are random and will most likely not be anything like the ones you might expect. There are a few, however, that I think would make great names for actual worgen: “Snarlblood” or “Mangywolf.” This is just one of many generators about World of Warcraft on my website; there are lots more to come so stay tuned!

You are a worgen. You have been cursed and turned into one of the living dead, but you’re still alive, just not quite human anymore. The first thing that comes to mind when people hear your name is “howl”. But what does it really mean? This generator will help you figure out how to pronounce your new name as well as give you some ideas for names if you’re in need of a change.