Do you need a name for your next army of Empire soldiers.

Warhammer Empire Name Generator
  • Frederick Von Tarnus
  • Marieka van der Perssen
  • Luthor Huss
  • Ulrich Fischer
  • Otto Feuerbach
  • Matthias Gruener
  • Astolfo Heydrich
  • Matrella von Achern
  • Manfred Archibald
  • Alun Gartner
  • Lady Münze
  • Reinhardt Mortarian
  • Tobias Helmgart
  • Balthasar Gelt
  • Oswald Daschner
  • Kurt Bremen

About Warhammer Empire Name Generator

Do you need a name for your next army of Empire soldiers? We have the perfect tool to help you find one! Our warhammer empire name generator will give you the names and meanings behind them.

Do you need a name for your empire? Well, with this handy generator all you have to do is input the gender of your ruler, the percentage of population that owns weapons, and how many languages are spoken in your civilization. Then press generate! The results will be a list of names that are appropriate for your empire.