Introducing the turian name generator.

Turian Name Generator
  • Sipia
  • Ladrann
  • Sidera
  • Hoster
  • Sarquis
  • Gron
  • Selone
  • Sparatus
  • Jaret
  • Ini
  • Loptin
  • Tasies
  • Lalus
  • Venari
  • Banrae
  • Josuras

About Turian Name Generator

Introducing the turian name generator. With a few clicks of your mouse you can be given a new identity and finally understand what it’s like to live as one of these fascinating creatures! Click here to find out more about this exciting product.

Do you want to know what your name would be if you were born a turian? Well, this is the generator for you! The following generator will give you an idea of what your name might be. There are many different combinations so there’s something for everyone. Please enjoy and feel free to share this with others who may find it interesting.