I’m often asked by people what my togruta name would be.

Togruta Name Generator
  • Yesh Balrah
  • Ryssa Jadeonar
  • Amornah Raduks
  • Onaara Daarnysh
  • Jyrak Badrii
  • Odakas Dekrii
  • Cleldes Nellirram
  • Caassa Phaar
  • Caunal Efozes
  • Deran Naual
  • Ellin Lah
  • Clatriffe
  • Uveekee Aafiirrass
  • Otobrym Daamal
  • Aursheeres Aldeererm
  • Kerdaar Boy

About Togruta Name Generator

I’m often asked by people what my togruta name would be. I never knew it before, but now I do! This is a fun way to generate your own unique and cool sounding name for yourself that you can use with your friends or on social media. You’ll see the results of this generator are anything from “Kazee” to “Zharr”.

Your name is ____, which means you are ___ in togruta. To find out what your togruta name would be, type your human name into the generator. The word ‘togruta’ comes from the language of an ancient civilization who lived on a planet called Togoria. They were skilled warriors and their culture was based around honor and bravery. They started wearing masks after a plague that killed many people on their planet because they believed it helped them fight off diseases better than any medicine could. This led to them becoming known as “masked ones” or “to gruteans.”