Do you have a tauren in World of Warcraft that needs a new name.

Tauren Name Generator
  • Tazanna Fogshout
  • Finvette Peddlemask
  • Tohkot Rockbreath
  • Tanie Darkstalker
  • Linkle Brightsteam
  • Possobo Lightbinder
  • Kajika Chestrunner
  • Bustossochi Stormshot
  • Voistitoevitz Hawkwater
  • Kanti Youngtusks
  • Gegbankle Slickslice
  • Nango Runebend
  • Nugomka Singleshield
  • Lenno Eagletusk
  • Sopuna Truthsnout
  • Ivutto Flatroar

About Tauren Name Generator

Do you have a tauren in World of Warcraft that needs a new name? Are you tired of looking for the perfect name online or arguing with your family and friends about what to call your beloved NPC? Here at Tauren Name Generator, we make it easy. Just type in the first letter of their gender followed by their race and choose from our list! We’re here to give you all the names, whether they’re cute, funny, serious, anything! Whether you want people to know how much time went into choosing this name or how little time went into picking it – we’ve got you covered.

Every tauren needs a name. Whether it’s the birth of your first calf, or you just need to create a character for World of Warcraft. This generator helps generate names that are true to the culture and language of this race.