You’re a sailor scout, but you don’t know your name.

Sailor Moon Name Generator
  • Sailor Dobrovsk√Ĺ
  • Raye Hino
  • Mio Kuroki
  • Sailor Alanhale
  • Sailor Fry
  • Sailor Pewter Fox
  • Sailor Star Healer
  • Sailor Star Maker
  • Sailor Nofretete
  • Nachogi
  • Sailor Karayusef
  • Chibiusa
  • Sailor Fenska
  • Esmeraude
  • Trista Meioh
  • Takashi Hino

About Sailor Moon Name Generator

You’re a sailor scout, but you don’t know your name? Here’s the answer! Just enter your first name and click “generate”. You’ll get a list of names to choose from. Now you can be yourself in outer space!

Do you want to know what your Sailor Moon character’s name would be? Well, this generator will do just that. If there are any names you don’t like, feel free to leave them blank and it’ll generate a new one for you! This is the ultimate Sailor moon name generator. It has every single Sailor Moon name ever created in it and more!