Did you know that the average person has a name with only 2.

Royal Name Generator
  • Lóngqìng Lévêque
  • Thirithu Urbica
  • Critasirus Enríquez
  • Sujinphaa Gerrlámhach
  • Ganga Khamti
  • Sulman Ilhamy
  • Tan-Uli Dawud
  • Kur-Ishshak ap Anarawd
  • Benedikte Pyo
  • Ulrike Al-Sharaf
  • Nunilona Maan
  • Amatilda B'alam
  • Minhlange Verina
  • Eumolpus ap Tewdwr
  • Qi Hákon
  • Adasi Magnusson

About Royal Name Generator

Did you know that the average person has a name with only 2.5% chance of sharing it? With so many unique names, what are the odds that your baby would be named something like Tanya or Michael? Or even more rare, like William or Anna? It’s unlikely! Use this royal name generator to find out if you’re due a prince (or princess) in 2017.

Did you know that there are many different types of last names in the world? Some cultures have patronymic surnames, meaning they take their father’s name as a suffix. Others have matronymic surnames, which use the mother’s surname instead. For example, if your mom was called Mary and your dad was John, then your first name would be “John” but you could go by “Mary” or “Johansen.” If you want to find out what type of last name you have in another country or language group, check out our Royal Name Generator! You can even generate an English royal family tree with this generator!