Ever wonder what your ratfolk name would be.

Ratfolk Name Generator
  • Bhikkuf
  • Kvannohz
  • Irgez
  • Nerrul
  • Fordreamer
  • Tecdim
  • Gnin
  • Tarahz
  • Lefty
  • Brihz
  • Pihm
  • Dolf
  • Mifihm
  • Sipe
  • Zregkaq
  • Cucen

About Ratfolk Name Generator

Ever wonder what your ratfolk name would be? Well, you’re in luck. This generator will give you a list of all the possible names for your new rodent friend. Simply click on the link and get ready to find out!

I was so excited when I found out there’s a ratfolk name generator! My home game is set in a world that has rodent people and this will help me make NPCs. The generator is easy to use, just type in the letters you want for your first, second, third and fourth names. You can choose what they mean or leave them at random – it’s up to you! This will be great for my upcoming D&D campaign which I’m DMing 🙂