Greetings fellow quarians.

Quarian Name Generator
  • Shaani'Xugar vas Todor
  • Ceenn'Haan vas Shidoruk
  • Leh'Sidda nar Naetalir
  • Sommo'Yidda nar Lazay
  • Kenn
  • Remm'Raeris vas Haama
  • Daro
  • Naahe'Vamma nar Hularm
  • Ulnay
  • Zaen'Yaarol nar Shaerark
  • Shase'Caelon vas Hezorn
  • Honorata
  • Rator'Yila nar Fiwib
  • Cutor'Raenis nar Zidolor
  • Gomm'Cemis vas Yuzay
  • Naar'Nil vas Zura

About Quarian Name Generator

Greetings fellow quarians! The time has come for you to finally have a custom name. You will get to choose from an extensive list of names that are perfect for the quarian race, like Tali’Zorah and Han’Garmen. Ready? Let’s go!

In this post, I’m going to be showing you how to generate names for your quarian character in Mass Effect. The first thing you’ll need is the quarian’s gender, which can be male or female. If you’re not sure of what their gender is just yet, just use either “male” or “female”. Next, we’ll want to know if they are a geth-quarian (a quarian who has had mechanical implants), a vorcha-quarian (a quarian that was infected by the vorcha virus and developed physical mutations), or an unmodified human-quarian (a regular old human). Once we have that information it will tell us how many syllables there should be in the