Ever wish you had a name for your new potion.

Potion Name Generator
  • Potion of Auras
  • Elixir of the Subconscious
  • Potion of the Oracle
  • Philter of Perfection
  • Phial of Delays
  • Philter of Happiness
  • Draught of Failure
  • Philter of Fury
  • Phial of Altered Minds
  • Draught of Endless Time
  • Brew of the Shadows
  • Vial of Speed
  • Brew of Protection
  • Philter of the Enigma
  • Tonic of Insomnia
  • Draught of Clean Deaths

About Potion Name Generator

Ever wish you had a name for your new potion? Well, now you can! Introducing the Potion Name Generator. This handy little tool will give you a title to call your new concoction by. Simply enter in two ingredients and let it do the rest! We guarantee that these names are original and not taken from any other recipe. Ready to get started? Just head on over to our website at www ____ (insert url).

Ever wanted to brew up your own potions? Now you can with this Harry Potter inspired potion name generator! All you have to do is enter the ingredients and just like magic, it will give you a potion name. Be careful though, some of these are dangerous! The last time I used this generator intro paragraph: The last time I used this blogpost intro paragraph was on my generator “Potion Name Generator”