Welcome to the plant name generator.

Plant Name Generator
  • Ekorfeed
  • Smooth Pea
  • Afyubrel
  • Apregthier
  • Udraaddover
  • Gonaisy
  • Demon's Hops
  • Giant Blade
  • Oclubinque
  • Screaming Pine
  • Dim Tassel
  • Ocittine
  • Ordinary Thousand-leaf
  • Dancing Silkweed
  • Trulsier
  • Grim Sanguinary

About Plant Name Generator

Welcome to the plant name generator. This is a fun way for you to generate names that are unique and original. With this tool, you can create a new name every time! It’s so easy! Just pick your favorite color and decide how many syllables you want it to be, then click “Generate Plant Name!” You will get an instant result of what your plant might be called. Have fun with it!

Do you have a green thumb? We can help! With our plant name generator, we’ll match your favorite flower to the perfect name. There are just so many names to choose from! Will it be Rosy or Violet? What about Lily of the Valley or Chrysanthemum? It’s up to you now.