What are you going to name your new baby.

Norwegian Name Generator
  • Jorun Lye
  • Arthur Sundahl
  • Mona Hylen
  • Fred Hole
  • Ester Agard
  • Håkon Viken
  • Karin Stensen
  • Ingrid Saether
  • Robin Bertelsen
  • Sylvi Aanenson
  • Ingjerd Kjellberg
  • Tony Helle
  • Edvin Vigen
  • Tord Frantzen
  • Maria Morck
  • Svenn Norum

About Norwegian Name Generator

What are you going to name your new baby? What about the dog? Your hamster? If you don’t know, then this generator is for you! It’s a Norwegian Name Generator and it will give you a list of names that sound like they come from Norway. You can also make up your own too!

What’s your Norwegian name? Find out with this handy generator. All you have to do is enter your first and last name, and the site will give you a full list of names in the style of Ingvild Turid Rønningen or Torkjell Ove Svensen. There are over 4,000 different possibilities!