Norse names are cool, and most importantly, they don’t start with “M.

Norse Kingdom Name Generator
  • Aldinnjor? (Old + World)
  • ?errafold
  • Hneykjaheimr (Shame + Land)
  • Fognu?verold (Delight + World)
  • Jokullgar? (Glacier + Dwelling)
  • Drekkaverold
  • Aldinnland
  • b?land (Fire + Land)
  • Illabio
  • Kynfold (Kind + World)
  • Gr?rvollr
  • Ve?jor? (Wind + World)
  • Jafnd?rivollr (Equinox + Field)
  • Kappheimr (Ardor + Land)
  • ?rvollr
  • Einnbio?

About Norse Kingdom Name Generator

Norse names are cool, and most importantly, they don’t start with “M.” This is a list of Norse kingdom names. You can use this to help you name your Viking village in the next Civilization game. So go ahead and pick which one you like best! There’s something about people naming their world after themselves that makes me kind of uncomfortable. It’s not like I’m any better than them or anything, but it just feels weird to have my entire life summed up by some letters put together into a word for no reason other than vanity. But hey, maybe that’s just me? In any case I’ve been thinking about what my own world would be called if I were ever given the opportunity (and decided it was

I’m not sure if you ever had a really great idea for a generator, but then were unable to come up with the perfect title. If so, this generator is for you! This nifty little generator will allow you to input your favorite or most intriguing topic and it will spit out an awesome name for your next generator. All of these names are Norse-themed because I am currently writing about Norse mythology in my English class. Enjoy!