Do you need a name for your newest character or protagonist.

Nord Name Generator
  • Sapfnhild Fjehrson
  • Kjnrod Stonearm
  • Rigmanna Bloodmouth
  • Jorian Long-Gobler
  • Gukiamor Summer-Mouth
  • Tekria Law-Plank
  • Hararitte the Mumbling
  • Odarkjorg Silver-Hewer
  • Helsmar Mjenrdottir
  • Angifna Jurgikverdottir
  • Gislsel Alanersen
  • Holljot Asgersen
  • Bolgela Iron-Knee
  • Iverern Ahlensdottir
  • Mjolrun Enralderson
  • Signund Farseer

About Nord Name Generator

Do you need a name for your newest character or protagonist? Have you been struggling to find the perfect one? Look no further, we have an online generator that will give you names based on different criteria. They range from being stereotypical (think of all those popular fantasy and medieval-type names) to more modern, contemporary ones. You can even generate a list of 10 names! It’s quick and easy so why not try it out today?

What do you get when you combine the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark? A nord. But how exactly are these three lands grouped together? Well, they’re all part of Scandinavia—a region that spans from the northernmost point in Europe to the southernmost point in Russia. That’s why a nord is often used as a slang term for “Norseman.” So if you want a name with Nordic flair, this generator will give you plenty to choose from!