Every culture has their own naming customs and traditions.

Nigerian Name Generator
  • ogbamremu
  • Omorose
  • abayomi
  • Sade
  • Chinyere
  • issa
  • Izegbe
  • nneka
  • akanni
  • asmau
  • ikenna
  • agbarha
  • Alika
  • Damilola
  • YorubaBankole
  • aisha

About Nigerian Name Generator

Every culture has their own naming customs and traditions. In Nigeria, there are some pretty interesting ways to name a child that you may not have heard of before. For example, if your last name is “Ogunjobi” and the first syllable in your name starts with an “O,” then you would be named Oluwafemi. This generator will explain all of the different names for children in Nigeria! The Nigerian Name Generator is a new tool that can help parents understand how they should choose a name for their baby boy or girl depending on what criteria they want out of a Nigerian-style name. It’s easy to use–just enter your desired first letter and number of syllables in the box at

Many people are looking for new and unique names. Others want a name that reflects their culture and heritage, while some just can’t decide on one single name. With the Nigerian Name Generator you no longer have to worry about all of this because it creates over 80,000 different combinations of traditional Nigerian names! This is perfect if you’re looking to add an authentic twist to your character in a novel or video game.