You’re a brave soul.

Mercenary Group Name Generator
  • Scarlet Hand Company
  • Ivory Tiger Syndicate
  • Denim Pincer Soldiers
  • Sharktooth Syndicate
  • Blue Lion Brotherhood
  • Denim Chainsaw Soldiers
  • Green Bear Gang
  • Green Banner Brotherhood
  • Ivory Phantom Squad
  • Ivory Owl Band
  • Thunder Angel Syndicate
  • Sanguine Leopard Squad
  • Butterfly Company
  • Green Crow Gang
  • Azure Lily Tribe
  • Brown Moth Tribe

About Mercenary Group Name Generator

You’re a brave soul. You’ve decided to start your own mercenary group and it’s time for you to name it. It needs something catchy, something that’ll be the talk of the town, but not so obvious that everyone will know what you’re up to before they even meet with you. Don’t worry – we have everything planned out for you right here! Just plug in some words from our list below and voila! A perfect name is born just for your band of merry men (or women)!

“The mercenary group name generator is a new free tool for naming mercenary groups. It’s a great way to get started with the process of creating and naming your own organization so you can start taking on jobs!”