Lizardfolk names are often derived from the lizardfolk language.

Lizardfolk Name Generator
  • Oreigyih
  • Bieh
  • Craxokiess
  • Ekathluh
  • Deccuzass
  • Ojerzih
  • Guxozi
  • Dazugze
  • Aklura
  • Ukaness
  • Chokkijoz
  • Saedres
  • Qudri
  • Qichu
  • Dhithoz
  • Ziz

About Lizardfolk Name Generator

Lizardfolk names are often derived from the lizardfolk language. To generate a name, choose two syllables and combine them to create a word. Lizardfolk do not have surnames, so it is important to note that their first name must be unique. For example, one could generate the following words: Tlaloccoatl or Xochipilli. The lizardfolk language does not include vowels (except for A), which means that you will need to use your imagination when coming up with combinations of syllables!

Lizardfolk names are a tricky thing. They come from different sources, depending on the region and what type of lizardfolk you’re talking about. In some cases, they have no meaning at all – just something that sounds good to them or their parents. But in other places, they can be an important part of who they are and how others see them. Today we’ll walk through some common types of lizardfolk and explore where their names might come from as well as any lore behind those naming conventions. If there’s anything else you want to know about this topic, let me know in the comments!