This is the L5R name generator.

L5r Name Generator
  • Tamiyo
  • Ineko
  • Akiko
  • Beniha
  • Yasuko
  • Mioko
  • Konishiko
  • Jorihime
  • Funaki
  • Shara
  • Kurako
  • Koiso
  • Masako
  • Narumi
  • Oborozukiyo
  • Megumiko

About L5r Name Generator

This is the L5R name generator. It generates names from all clans and provinces in the Legend of the Five Rings world. This tool can be used to create a character, or just for fun! The results are generated by rolling dice according to what clan you want your character to belong to and what province they are from. You will only need one die if you choose a single clan/province combination; two if you choose two different combinations; three if you want a triple-clan/province result. The Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) Name Generator was created by user “joshuaprocks” on DeviantArt as part of an art project involving creating tools for people who wanted to

What do you call your players when they are being really awesome? Or what if your character is an honorable samurai? Do you have a secret name from the game of Rokugan that only close friends know about? What’s it called and how do I find out mine!? This generator will help. It will cover how to make up new names for your players and characters, as well as provide information on current L5R lore to give insight into where these names come from. The generator goes on to explain the origins of their favorite l5r name generator, with a link back at the end.