Ever wonder what your krogan name would be.

Krogan Name Generator
  • Drinar Nigora
  • Brulot Bud
  • Grak Vrark
  • Dax Khayas
  • Buksor Murke
  • Grarbon Qegor
  • Bidrax Beg
  • Ferdak Bratack
  • Rirlok Togas
  • Truk Strerd
  • Grarlok Crank
  • Cakmar Chikare
  • Srikrax Chisk
  • Mirdan Srogg
  • Jursan Jukara
  • Proksor Strind

About Krogan Name Generator

Ever wonder what your krogan name would be? Well, now you can find out! I’m sure this is a question many of us have asked ourselves before and it seems like the perfect time to answer that question for all those who didn’t know. Click on the link below or type “krogan name generator” into google to generate a new and unique krogan name. You’re welcome! The generator will then proceed with instructions on how to use the generator.

Do you want to know the name of your new krogan character? What about a name for one of your favorite video game characters? Well this generator is just for you! We will be covering how to generate krogan names, and also what they mean. Krogan are from the Mass Effect universe. They are large and very tough in battle. These creatures can only be created through genetic engineering which is why we have such an extensive list. The first part of their name usually signifies whether or not they are male or female, and the second half will signify what clan they belong to. Let’s dive right into it!