Ever wanted to create a kaiju name.

Kaiju Name Generator
  • Dawtor
  • Savarugon
  • Inferpor
  • Crowngary
  • Rabiguar
  • Stongon
  • Supreras
  • Pyrodragon
  • Cryplon
  • Monsvore
  • Talovore
  • Barbarrus
  • Scargora
  • Tusgira
  • Suborg
  • Toxda

About Kaiju Name Generator

Ever wanted to create a kaiju name? This generator will generate a cool sounding kaiju name for you. Maybe your new monster friend will be called Claw or Great Horns! The only requirement is that it has two syllables in the first word and one syllable in the second word, like “Dino” or “Bubbles.”

Have you ever wanted to know the name of a kaiju but couldn’t think of one? Or are you looking for a new monster to add to your campaign? This generator will give you everything from Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Rodan down to Mothra. All these monsters have been translated into D&D names so it’s easier for players who don’t speak Japanese!